May Third Thursday

You are invited to our Third Thursdays event series—part of the H. E. Butt Foundation’s Know Your Neighbor initiative. Fellow San Antonians will share their experiences in their San Antonio community. Come listen to, share with, and know your neighbors!

Francisco H. Cortés is a teacher at Booker T. Washington Elementary School. Cortés is also founder, curator, and program director for The Light Catchers Society, a photo club that empowers students on the Eastside to reclaim their stories and advocate for their neighborhoods.

Francisco and Light Catcher artists—all 6th graders at Washington Elementary—work together to document key issues, complex stories, and overlooked beauty in San Antonio’s Eastside. Learn more about Francisco and his story at Third Thursday.

At this event, we’ll have Know Your Neighbor event punch cards! After attending six of our events, you’ll submit your punch card and receive a $25 gift card to a local business.