Storytelling Program Manager

Katie Best-Richmond

Katie Best-Richmond grew up in San Antonio and left the city for college with no plans of ever returning. But as life would have it, she found herself back in San Antonio in 2019 asking questions she didn’t have the words to ask as a child. With new eyes, Katie came back home asking why the city existed as it did. This time around, she sought out people and organizations that were doing the important job of educating and bringing people together. The issues that once made Katie want to leave San Antonio started to inspire her to stay and get more involved in the community.  

With experience in the nonprofit sector, communications, and the service industry, Katie brings professional and personal experience to the work of community transformation. She hopes to help others find the right words to ask the big questions and aims at creating inclusive spaces where discussion and progress can flourish.  

Director of Storytelling

Elizabeth Le’anani Coffee

Elizabeth Le’anani Coffee nurtures a deep love for San Antonio. The city formed her, and now she strives to be part of forming it. Her love of San Antonio is rooted in loving its people—diverse, ever-changing, dynamic, and compassionate, San Antonians inspire her. Elizabeth’s work experience reflects more than a decade of working alongside religious non-profits and leaders through community engagement predominately in San Antonio and South Texas. Through study and professional experience, she has made deep investments in the work of convening, connecting, and collaborating, always valuing the process of incorporating community voice. She believes that community repair comes from the work of building trust amongst each other.

Executive Director of Storytelling and Communications


Patton Dodd has lived all over the country, but he and his family finally found home in San Antonio a few years ago—and if he has it his way, San Antonio will be home for good.

Patton’s background is a mix of journalism and academia. After completing a doctorate in religion and literature at Boston University, Patton transitioned into a journalism career, covering a range of topics from sports to movies to politics to church movements to poverty and economics. What tied it all together was a passion for stories about change: how people and places, ideas and institutions shift and develop—and how they can change for the good.

Patton loves listening and learning, especially to and from his fellow San Antonians.

Storytelling Event Planner

Erica Gonzales

Erica grew up in San Antonio and its neighborhoods run through her veins. She has fond memories of riding her bike through Beacon Hill, swimming at San Pedro Pool, and being “pushed” over the ghost tracks in a friend’s car on the Southside.

Her love for San Antonio and its people led to her attending the University of Texas at San Antonio to complete her Bachelors Degree in Sociology. Erica has worked in public service, non-profits, and faith-based organizations. From office administration to fundraising to volunteer coordination and project management, her desire has always been the same – to be a part of positive change in the community that built her. She believes that understanding and change can come from listening to one another with grace and humility. And she looks forward to creating the spaces and opportunities for these conversations to happen.