June Third Thursday

You are invited to our Third Thursdays event series—part of the H. E. Butt Foundation’s Know Your Neighbor initiative. Fellow San Antonians will share their experiences in their San Antonio community. Come listen to, share with, and know your neighbors!

Dr. Lyssa Ochoa is not your average surgeon. When she diagnoses medical conditions, she doesn’t just look at the person—she looks at the neighborhood that formed them. Dr. Ochoa primarily practices her lifesaving craft of heart surgery on San Antonio’s Southside and Westside. Her clinic, The SAVE Clinic, is “the only Medicare-accredited ambulatory surgery center south of downtown,” according to MYSA. Her work collaborating with elected officials, cities, and community organizations is pushing the needle on healthcare in San Antonio.

Her upbringing was in the Texas borderlands, but San Antonio is now her home. Dr. Ochoa completed her medical degree and training at Baylor College of Medicine. Go Bears!

Third Thursday with Dr. Ochoa is sure to be heart-stopping.

At this event, we’ll have Know Your Neighbor event punch cards! After attending six of our events, you’ll submit your punch card and receive a $25 gift card to a local business.