Why do some of our neighbors have so little while others have it so good? Why are there so many opportunities in some San Antonio neighborhoods but so few in others?

We don’t have all the answers, but we can explore a starting point together. The questions and answers below are the beginning of our journey in understanding how the economic, cultural, and political forces of our past and present shape our lives and our neighborhoods.

Poverty in
San Antonio

It seems like many San Antonians are struggling to get ahead. Why is there so much poverty in San Antonio?
There are many opportunities in some San Antonio neighborhoods and few in others. Why is San Antonio economically divided?
Who is facing economic challenges in San Antonio?
How has the pandemic affected my neighbors and the opportunity gaps in our city?
What does the Bible say about poverty and helping those facing it?
How does the economic division in our city impact San Antonians broadly? How does it impact me?
I want all of my San Antonio neighbors to be able to pursue their dreams and goals, but it feels like we’re facing so many insurmountable challenges when it comes to poverty. Where can we start?

Direct Cash
in San Antonio

I’ve heard about families receiving cash payments to help move themselves and their communities out of poverty. What are these payments?
Are San Antonio families receiving cash payments?
How do families benefit by receiving cash?
Besides the cash, are families receiving any other support?
If families receive cash, does that mean they won’t receive any other types of support?
Has giving cash directly to individuals ever been tried in the United States?
Where can I learn more about UpTogether and their approach of cash, community and choice?