We all have big dreams for our families and children—but we don’t all have access to opportunities to make these dreams a reality. Together, we can make San Antonio better for everyone.

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Get to Know Your Neighbors

Families across San Antonio’s neighborhoods share their hopes and aspirations. Discover their stories and perspectives on how systems in our city provide opportunities—and sometimes how those systems create obstacles.

Streetz: The King of Second Chances

Running a restaurant in order to reach kids is not for the faint of heart. Good think Hubert Brown’s heart is strong.


The Secret Sauce to Neighborhood Justice

Cynthia Spielman is a community advocate who has developed a playbook for how we can support our San Antonio neighbors. 

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Opportunities to Learn

Want to understand more about the root causes of opportunity gaps in our city? We're here to help you get started. Learn how our history, policies, and misconceptions have shaped our city and the resources available to San Antonio families.

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